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  • How long will asphalt last?
    Asphalt laid on a solid foundation will last 10 to 15 years with normal maintenance.


  • How long will it take to pave my driveway?
    Most driveways are completed in 1 day.


  • How long should I stay off new asphalt?
    3 days for a driveway or parking lots.  Roads can be driven on as soon as the asphalt is compacted


  • When should I seal my new asphalt?
    Asphalt can be sealed using a oil base sealer six weeks after the job completion date. Itís best to wait at least 1 year when using a latex sealer.


  • What sealer is better for my asphalt?
    Oil base is best for newer asphalt. Latex can be used if your asphalt is old and you just want put a top dressing on it.  Sometimeís latex sealers can cause cracks and fade to a dull chalky gray.


  • How often should I seal my asphalt
    At least every two years.


  • Will you match competitors prices
    Yes; we will match any licensed companyís written estimate.


  • Do you give group discounts?
    Yes, just talk to estimator.


  • My existing asphalt has a lot of cracks can it be resurfaced.
    Yes, if it still has a solid foundation. But if there are soft areas, they will have to be dug out and replaced with a new base coat and then resurfaced.


  • Is asphalt cheaper than concrete?
    Yes, Its less than half the price.


  • Can I put salt on asphalt in the winter
    Yes, you can put salt on asphalt but not on concrete salt will crack concrete. snow and ice melts quicker on asphalt than concrete.




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